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Landscape as a concept and the city as a great context of art have inspired these proposals, since their beginnings in 1980. They propose a series of reflections on mankind and his relationship with the city, the geographical environment and the universe, drawing upon multiple expressive means chosen specifically to provoke in the observer a particular aesthetic experience. Below is a selection of works which, without being thorough, brings us closer to the fundamental purpose and the aesthetic strategy of this art proposal, namely its poetic dimension, understood in terms of Roland Barthes as "the meeting of a subject matter with a language", where the subject matter is the landscape, either urban, geographic, celestial, or hypothetical, expressed through the language of contemporary visual arts.

Landscape I

This work proposes a visual counterpoint between nature and culture, in this case highlighting the artificial structure of the city lights, and in the next one, the natural structure of the geographical environment. The stunning image of the city’s night view is captured by the collage over a city master plan print, offering the observer its luminous mark, its trace as built artifice.

Landscape II

By enhancing the natural city surroundings and revealing their stunning formal qualities, at the same time we can appreciate how the built expansion causes the total disappearance of natural form. A counterpoint between the two elements is presented to the observer: nature and culture are the very essence of the city and the landscape; and lack of harmony between them leads to the destruction of the ecology of landscape as a concept, which involves nature inescapably linked to what is built.

Paisaje I, collage, 0,85 x 1,45 m. 1984

Paisaje II, screen printing on heliographic copy 0,85 x 1,45 m. 1984

Landscape III

The revelation of the wonderful water system underlying the city is presented in this work. The way to a hypothetical possibility of achieving the re-discovery of the streams which flow down to the Medellín River, an intervention done by drawing over a city master plan print.

The Milky Way

As opposed to earthly issues, the gaze is directed into the night sky. In some ignored border of the galaxy is our world, our city and ourselves. The immeasurable and breath-taking image of a starry night is aesthetically captured by means of the collage over a celestial plane.

Paisaje III, ink on silkscreen , 0,85 x 1,45 m. 1983

La Vía Láctea, collage 0,60 x 0,85 m. 1985

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