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The immeasurable global urbanization.


We are citizens of the world, the relentless urbanization of the world has come to almost all corners of the surface of this watery planet that the human species has unreasonably invaded the land portion which among other things gives the name to the star we houses.


Human civilization is very young compared to the nearly fourteen billion years with the universe and the four and a half million years of the Earth; not to mention the only six or seven thousand years which have apparently were the first cities established by man; but the accelerated process of colonization and sterilization of the once green fields, forests, impenetrable forests, savannas teeming domesticated biodiversity and grasslands has covered an unpredictable and uncontrollable proportion of territories; as a living organism that is everywhere, the city ultimate creation of man, is not consistent in space and time dimensions.


No respect cultures, geographies, races, civilizations, languages ​​or warnings or planning strategies. Even despite that the same man in his evolutionary process continued for over forty thousand generations as a nomadic animal, in a few years he settled sedentary forming the most impressive of his footprints: the cities.


Majestic, huge, enormously complex, receptacles of all kinds of hybrids, demonstrations, housing devices, mechanisms, relationships, virtual strangely despite the materiality of its own tectonic consistency, objects seem the only viable alternative, although imposed on many wish to allowing lives of seven billion inhabitants of the globe.


Skin, shelter, clothing and determines mantle: behavior, manners, habits, relationships, thoughts and emotions, the city poses with his resounding consistency and heavy density on the delicate face of the earth building furrows, scars, tattoos, brands, pores, which are interwoven with subtle natural conditions of integrated and interrelated ecosystems by visible and intangible connections. They are artifacts of another nature, a fourth kingdom, which formulates a new horizon and indelible predicted the birth of a new era.


Multicolored and multicultural spaces, cities hold a portion of the world to be and do, like the "Garden of Eden", form a clinging plot to Earth in blue space connection involving temporal realities and parallel worlds belonging to a utopian vision formalized by the desire Emo eloquent species habitats.


Mnemonic Body, Bearer of signs and symbols that transcend the individual and inhabit the infinite longing for immortality to counteract its latent transience, the city and its millions of concretions: Baghdad, New York, Amsterdam, Brasilia, Caracas, San Pedro Sula, Kuala Lumpur , Lagos, Kralendijk, Bamako, Victoria, Asmara, Harare ... have drawn in a few centuries a new earth, light at night, full of bustle and smells, fizzy and harsh, random and dynamic, challenging and fragile.


It has brought the planet to the edge of unbalance, has broken all predictions, has created another way of life: the homo urbanus. Play colors include silhouettes, landscapes and paths; define the indefinite and deconstructs the solid, fading dreams, weapon traps and holds the unattainable. It is the scene of all.


His innumerable and vast reproduction, underlined in this plastic work reveals the homogeneity of its texture, but also highlights the uniqueness of their dilated along and across the planetary surface to insist on formal manifestations utopia.


The expression of this "Garden of Eden", for it extends the idea that the city has surpassed art, it is a work of art: the great city of the aesthetic experience of the celestial body that resists.



Arts Doctor 

Full Professor National University of Colombia​

Medellin, March 2014.

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Profesor Titular Universidad Nacional de Colombia

The Garden of Eden


At the beginning of the third millennium

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