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Colombian artist, lives and works in Medellín. His main interest in artistic practice is related to the landscape theme from a contemporary conceptual and aesthetic approach and with some emblematic characters, using multiple expressive media such as photography, video, infographics, digital printing and installation.



1974 Architecture, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín.

1999 Magister in Aesthetics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín


Teaching Experience:

1974-1985 Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín.

1989-1990 Colegiatura Colombiana de Diseño, Medellín.

1981-2004 Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín.

2000-2004 Academic Vice-dean, Faculty of Architecture, Medellín.




Solo Shows:

2019  "Ararat Mount", La Balsa Gallery, Medellín.

2016   “The Garden of Eden”, UPB showroom, Medellín.

2014  "The Garden of Edén", Suramericana showroom, Medellín.

2010. “Emergency”, Universidad Nacional showroom, Medellín.

2009. “Entropies”, Three courtyards house, Medellín.

1996. “Wander around the Universe”, Colombo-American Center, Medellín.

1994. “Multimedia”, Museum of Modern Art, Medellín.

          “St. Augustine 2.500 years”, Anthropology Museum, University of Antioquia.

1987. “About the landscape”, Culture Building, Chamber of Commerce, Medellín.


Group shows:

2024 "Roma International Art Fair" 9TH edition, BY ITSLIQUID GROUP

2023 "Venice International Art Fair" 18TH edition, BY ITSLIQUID GROUP

2021   PorqueNoMeves, Arte Informado & Mia anywhere virtual exhibition

2018  "Panográfica" Universidad Nacional showroom, Medellín.

2017      “The Sky is Falling”  CCA : Centre for Contemporary  Arts,  Glasgow,  UK.

                  “Uncertain transits”, SBK Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2015. “The Body Language", Palace Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy

          “In and in Between Geographies”, Museum of Modern Art, Medellín.

          “Intense Black”, French Alliance, Medellín

          “Contemporary Venice – Architectures of Identities”, Palace Dolfin Bollani, Venice, Italy

          “Self Festival – Why Self”,  Palace Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy.

2013  “On the Cano´s Horizon”, a look from the current art, EAFIT University, Medellín

2012. “Condor Project”, XXI FIAC, Caracas, Venezuela

2011. “Exhibit the working table”, French Alliance, Medellín.

           “De Urbe”, Suramericana art showroom, Medellín

2010. “El Dorado”, FIART, Madrid, Spain.

          “In your hands” Pilot Public Library, Medellín.

2008. “10 years”, French Alliance, Medellin.

2005. “In gratitude, ex – votos”, De la Oficina Gallery, Medellín.

2001. “Points of View”, French Alliance, Medellín.

2000. “10th Regional Artists Show”, Museum of Modern Art, Medellin.

1999. “Urban Art from the City of Medellín. Internationa Art Festival”, Pilot Public Library.

          “A call to beauty, art and technology”, Chamber of Commerce, Medellín.

          “National Shows-First Prizes”, Museum of Modern Art, Medellin

1998. “Without Limits”, Venezuelan Cultural Center, Bogotá.

          “Hearthists in the Marketplace”, Colombo-American Center, Medellín

          “Homage to the Founders”, Museum of Modern Art, Medellín.

1997. “City of Medellín International Art Festival”, Exhibition Palace, Medellín.

1995. “University of Antioquia Second Photography Biennial”, University Museum, Medellin

          “Architecture Teachers Exhibition”, Faculty of Architecture, Universidad Nacional, Med.

          “Colcultura 7th Regional Exhibition”,Museum of Modern Art, Medellin.

1994. “A/C, Video creation in New York”, Argentinian consulate, New York.

1993. “University of Antioquia Photography Biennial”, University Museum, Medellin.

1992. “Colcultura 5th Regional Exhibition”, Museum of Modern Art, Me dellin.

          “ID # Medellín 92”, El Museo Gallery, Bogotá.

         “4th Video International Biennial”, Museum of Modern Art, Medellín.

         “Art and Teaching”, Art showroom, Universidad Nacional, Manizales.

1991. “Duchamp-Warhol Photographic Art Exhibition”, Chamber of Commerce, Medellin.

          “Faxart”, Colombo-American center, Medellín Cali, Bucaramanga, Cartagena.

1990. “3rd Video International Biennial” Museum of Modern Art, Medellin.

1988. “75 years Engineering Association of Antioquia”, Chamber of Commerce, Medellín

1986. “1st Video-Art International Biennial”, Museum of Modern Art, Medellín.

1985. “Colcultura XXIX National Exhibition”, National Museum, Bogotá.

1984. “Colcultura IV Regional Exhibition”, Fundadores Theatre, Manizales.

          “Ecological Posters”, Museum of Modern Art, Bogotá, Chamber of Commerce,Medellin.

1980. “2nd UPB Faculty of Design—Teachers Exhibition”, Central Library.




2003. “University Publications”, National University of Colombia, Bogotá.

1992. “Best Video-Art Award”, 4th Video International Biennial, Museum of Modern Art, Med.

1991. “Francisco de Paula Santander Creation Scholarship”, Colcultura—Icetex, Bogotá.

          “Duchamp-Warhol 1stPhotographic Art Exhibition”, UNAULA, Medellín.

          “Nel Rodríguez Research Chair”, Faculty of Architecture, UN, Medellín.




2005 “Metropolivision”, a poetic re-vision to the valley of the aburraes at the dawn of the

          third millennium. Unibiblos Editorial, Bogotá.

          1000 copies Presentation in the Museum of Antioquia’s Council Hall, Medellín..

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