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Call: for: Artwork



"The core of man is also the depths of the universe". Vedantic Wisdom."


An image in the press a few days before receiving the invitation to participate in the call, caused in me a great visual impact and shock were imposed humanitarian such as aesthetic and conceptual motivation to address the artistic proposal.


The picture showed a long row of makeshift prosthesis that owners should leave in exchange for a new prosthesis donated by Mahavir K-mina Corporation. The focus is precisely how a human being who has suffered a violent mutilation must continue to live and cope with their disability and somehow manages to do the most unbelievable solutions they get with their hands because they have to continue living and walking, step by step, to overcoming adversity.


Are these rudimentary prosthesis striking aesthetic force the raw material for the artistic proposal, as repositories that are memories of some unfortunate events in someone's life, but above all of the memories of a struggle for the reconquest of survival full of obstacles but allowed to occupy, like the others, "a place under the sun" cast a shadow upright.


Thus, a selection of these iconic objects, almost ex-votos, with high symbolic and Memorial power, a condition of violence that afflicts us almost inexorably but a human desire for improvement that places no limits to the ingenuity and imagination, are re-proposed under new arrangements seek formal cause in the human being perceives sensory and intellectual response to individual memoirs for their aesthetic power reach a universal sense, prompting us to "remember to transcend".

"Step by step“

Parts B and C.

The place of the stairs, closely related step, circular, walk, down, up, breaks further provided in discrete niches, suitable in scale to the objects and a close observer of the passing of the foreground.


We seek a symbiosis between the museum space and objects loaded with symbolism. For the upper part C, we propose a kind of socket inducing a close comparison with the legs of the person who will step up the ladder. The lower part B, of iconic distinctly establishes a close visual relationship to the height of the observer in an intimate space, almost sacred.

Part A.

Establishing spatial relationship between these two parts and a third involving the large gap in its three levels with spacious lobby downstairs movement, visually open to the outside at both ends and where traffic flows of the stairs, the next step should at floor level on which you can walk, which takes up the central motif in order objectual and modular expansion but has limits, speaks of repetition and expansion of the humanitarian problem, but also overcoming the power override and able to be appreciated from the top and from the outside with an enigmatic reading that changes when approaching.


















The elliptical shape resolved formal and spatial tensions between the vacuum and main hall and scaling images approximates the real scale. This part involves the entire space within the Museum reception and the lobby of the auditorium echoing with the pieces of the stairs and inducing permanent resonance in the observer's perception about the main reason for the House of Memory, "remember to not repeat ".

It is further proposed to make a written record of the memories of all those who have participated in the above program, where each of the beneficiaries tells his story in a page. This document may provide guidance for the development of a script and possible embodiment of a video documentary about the personal creation of prosthetics, video is not included in this call but it is proposed as an extension of "step by step“

It should be noted that the proposal has been discussed with the Corporation and resources for the purchase of objects help continue the recovery of more victims, as an art work that lives.

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