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SBK Galerie. Amsterdam, March, 2017.

Miriam Londoño and Dora Mejía

The works that come together under this concept reflect on the painful migratory realities that occur not only on the border between the United States and the rest of America to the south, but also in many regions that seem to deepen the gap between North and South and between East and West.

Horizon alludes to the frontier events, transforming an iconic media image that in reproducing emphasizes the recurrence of the migratory fact and the horizontal and immeasurable dimension of the border seen from the perspective of the migrant. The extremely long dimen-sion emphasizes the fact of the border as such as. The detail shows the evanescent quality of the formal treat-ment that converts the features and forms Particular to anonymous modes. Digital printing on cotton canvas. High 26 cm, width 282 cm. 

Whitout Horizon accentuates another recurrent aspect of the same migratory event, transforming another media image, whose seriality and aesthetic treatment lead to a new formal entity, which denotes the harsh reality of the migrants who do not achieve their purpose. The border is connoted with the extreme emphasis of the horizontal dimension with respect to the vertical. The treatment of the image exalts the darkness of feeling and frustration and abstracts forms preserving identities. Digital printing on cotton canvas. High 33 cm, width 282 cm. 

Shadows insists on the journey through uncertain paths, entering the darkness in search of a bright future. It uses the vertical dimension that emphasizes the remoteness of the beyond, in counterpoint with the horizontal of the rest of the series. Digital printing on cotton canvas. High 212 cm, width 35 cm.

Border proposes an illusion, a fleeting utopia to demarcate the border to the north of the rest of the Americas to the south. The Aspen tree in the frontier between MEX and USA, its visual and sonic aesthetic impact, its medicinal qualities, its ances-tral uses, its way of propagating. ¿Would there be any possibility of creating a new frontier without walls, meshes, or fences, but only of trees? At least in the confines of art that possibility exists. A fragment of that ideal border acquires symbolic existence in this piece made to a size close to the real referred to the immense border line of which this work would be a fragment. Digital printing on cotton canvas.  High 79 cm. width 312 cm. 

First picture: Work of Miriam Londoño.    > 

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Trans Pangea, Neo Pangea, Last Pangea, looks at the limit-boundary approach. It rambles in more mental and speculative boundaries than earthly ones inspired by theories that have astonished mankind about the drift of the continents and the predictions about its future evolution. It is made up of three pieces that nuance different scientific-fantastic elucubrations that, in any case, go beyond the known limits. The white color the economy of means or minimal interventions on the surface, allude to the ideal world of abstract formulations and elementary principles that are no less complex.

Pangea series Intaglio on engrave paper High 56 cm, width 51 cm. 


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