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 In and between Geographies 

 Museum of Modern Art, Medellín


This proposal leads us to investigate the hazardous journey through the evolution of the universe we know, thanks to advances in scientific and technological knowledge. From the formation of the stars as a product of the transformations of matter, energy and gravitational forces over the time elapsed since the great outbreak, to the formation of the innumerable galaxies that now occupy the celestial territories.

Also giving account of the mysterious event of the appearance of life and later of humanity, in a remote place in a galaxy that humanity itself has called the Milky Way, on the sides of the constellation of the Southern Cross, whose axis major points precisely to the geographical south of the planet Earth.


This symbolic axis is inscribed as a trace on the perforated mantle of the starry sky. The Earth appears symbolically in the base plane, a surface in melting sand with geometric traces reminiscent of the geodesic net.

.Photography: Hernán Bravo Restrepo. 2015   >

 We are dust of stars transmuted into human form after the journey of millions of years of evolution by that Universe of which we are part, ineluctably, but that we do not perceive at a glance by the perceptive, environmental or cultural distortions of the world of today, even though we are highly interconnected through this WEB that travels between satellite systems and terrestrial receivers and transmitters.

Photography: Juan Cristóbal Pérez. 2015   >

Scientific and philosophical approaches of the contemporary human being, participants in the great technological advances that have led to deep immersion in galactic complexes, increasin-gly amazing and unfathomable, lead to the sus-picion that humanity is a consequence that the Universe itself has developed from its sophis-ticated processes of evolution, to know and know itself, to be aware of its great existence.

Mixed Media: Perforated textile and foundry sand,

Height 5.25 m, width 6.55 m, depth 3.25 m

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